A new Beginning.

As the world is being consumed by magical energies surging up from within the planet’s crust, Ley-lines resurfaced and nexus portals appearing inviting hordes of demons, monsters, mutants and freaks of every nature into the fertile new lands. As civilizations worldwide continues on its own path destruction, small pockets of human society hung on stubbornly. Some embracing the new changes brought forth by the apocalypse, some held steadfast in their faith of a pure human-only ideal while the remainders have descended into pure anarchy.

In an effort to break the suffocating stalemate in the war that the Coalition States wages against all abominations on Earth, a few Generals have banded together to perform an experiment. An experiment to combine technology, psionic abilities and even magical powers into normal human beings. Desperate times calls for desperate measures, now the war against the inhuman invaders has just started.


As you wake up on the cold steel slab that doubles as your bed, you noticed there are others around you looking just as you feel; dazed and confused. As you get up to start exploring this new sterile environment surrounded by four light reflecting white walls, you hear someone barking orders from somewhere you can’t see, presumably from camouflaged speakers,

“Alright, time to get up and get to work ladies! You are now no longer free men of the coalition. You are no longer even men. You are more than a mere human, you are the next evolution of mankind! Now, get your asses off that bed and report yourselves for duty! You have paid your price to be the vanguard of freedom, you are no longer free.”

Day Zero.

The next couple of days were just a blur of tests, one after another with no end in sight. The whole lot of people were split into groups or cells as they called it. There were physical exams, psionic measurements, magical affinities and even psychological tests. On the third day, the speakers came to life again,

“Cell alpha zero one, your abilities have been assessed, measured and categorized. You are now ready for your first practical test. Follow your minders and proceed to the building next door where you will be staying for the duration of the practical test. You will be briefed and equipped appropriately for the test. Good luck.”

Rifts Converted